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Don’t Know What Course To Take?

Work Place Standard First Aid CPR/AED (Level C) is a two day first aid & CPR training program that complies with the New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act. If you are the designated “First Aider” for you place of employment this is the course you need. This course teaches you both basic first aid and Level C CPR with AED training. Employers should keep in mind when designating individuals as the “First Aider” that at they need to meet the required number of persons trained on any given time, per floor, per shift. Employers must also take into account to train and certify several employees in this course to make sure that they are in compliance with required standards and that there are no shortages of certified first aiders.

Students taking school programs requiring first aid as admissions requirement typically take this course as well.

Emergency First Aid CPR/AED (level C or HCP) is also a certification course available but is NOT recognized for most employment and NOT compliant under the New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act. This course can be taken for personal interest.
Emergency First Aid can also be used as “recertification” under the requirements of the Early Childhood Education act of New Brunswick.

CPR/AED (level C or HCP)
This course may be taken to satisfy professional license or school program admission/requirements. Professions commonly requiring CPR/AED (Level C or HCP) would include: Nurses, LPNs, dental hygienists, personal trainers, RMT.

*Please note: You are responsible to ensure you are taking the correct course. The only way to know the correct first aid & CPR course is right for you is to verify with your organization, employer, governing body or educational institution. If you are not sure which course you need to take, we always suggest you should do the 2 Day – Work Place Standard First Aid CPR/AED course. Its always better exceed the requirements!