Our Courses

How we work

We are pleased to be offering First Aid and CPR training through the Canadian Red Cross in both Sussex and Riverview also including surrounding areas.

We have many years’ experience as a Training Partner with the Red Cross and our instruction staff each has from 5 years to over 20 years of training experience!

Things you should know

  • Some of our clients have included local fire departments, nursing homes, and daycares.
  • We have donated our time to such organization as the Scouts and Girl Guides.
  • We participate in the Safety Start program.
  • We are available to provide private courses at your facility or off-site training, with flexible scheduling options.
  • Public courses are offered monthly (both weekday and weekend).
  • Available courses include, but not limited to, CPR, Emergency First Aid and Workplace Standard First Aid

Course Name

Length of Course

Cost Per Person

First Aid

Workplace Standard First Aid & CPR Course 16 hours $110.00
Emergency First Aid and CPR Course 8 hours $80.00
Emergency First and CPR Recertification 6 hours $55.00
Workplace First Aid Practice Session (see note) 6 hours $55.00


Level C (adult,child,infant) CPR 6 hours $60.00
Level BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR 6 hours $60.00
Level C CPR Recertification 4 hours $50.00
Level HCP CPR Recertification 4 hours $55.00

Advanced First Aid

First Responder 40 hours $450.00
First Responder Recertification 20 hours $175.00
Oxygen Administration 4 hours $50.00
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) 75-80 hours $450.00
Emergency Medical Responder Recertification 20-26 hrs $175.00
EMR Upgrade from First Responder 40 hours $200.00
  • Groups rates are available upon request.
  • All prices for recertification assume that the student does not require a textbook. If the student requires a replacement textbook, additional charges will apply.
  • The Workplace First Aid Practice Session is based on the NB Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation #8(7). Details can be obtained on the WHSCC web site,www.whscc.nb.ca/newfirstreg_e.asp.