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Over the years, we have hosted perhaps a dozen of these half-day CPR courses and all, but one or two, have been taught by Robin True. We have found him to be very cooperative with respect to schedule and number of participants. His teaching manner is very encouraging and non-threatening to the students. He is well-organized and is able to cover the material in the allotted time while still allowing everyone ample opportunity to practice the procedures and discuss any questions or concerns. The brief test at the end of the course provides a level of confidence to the participants.

We would not hesitate to recommend Robin and his organization to anyone looking to sponsor this type of event. We feel, as well, that the teaching skills we have observed would serve him well in the teaching of the more advanced courses.

John Shackleton

President, Gagetown & Area Health Services Association Inc.

“We have used the RBT Instruction for several years now. Dealing with young families, we were able to offer the Infant/Child First Aid/CPR both Centre based and in our Outreach areas.

RBT were willing to travel to our more isolated sites, bringing the training to families who may otherwise not have had the opportunity. One parent several years ago, who had taken the training was able to save her son from choking and was so greatful.

RBT have always been flexible in finding instructors to fit our schedule and timeline. Their instructors have always been amazing to work with and well trained in providing the information.”

Minnie McLeod

Kings County Resource Centre

RBT Instruction is a Local, Convenient, training company, we can book our staff in for a training and know that they will be trained in a professional and courteous mannner.

Brenda McLaughlin

Home Care Plus